How Can Physical Therapy Help Me?

It is a question we frequently hear in physical therapy, is it normal to have this pain? The answer is that while pain is very common in today's world, it is NOT normal to hurt all the time. Pain is a message to your body that something is not functioning the way that it should. There can be a variety of reasons that someone might experience pain. It is also possible to have a condition that is not painful, but significantly impacts your ability to function day to day. In Physical Therapy we specialize in diagnosing and treating pain and impaired function affecting the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.

The next question that usually follows is, why do I have pain, or why can't I do what I want? During your initial visit, your Physical Therapist will talk with you to develop a thorough picture of your past medical history, the timeline of your current symptoms, any activities or other factors that might be contributing to your symptoms, and how your quality of life is being effected.

The most important question is how do I get back to being my best me? This is where the expertise of your Physical Therapist is most important. Each person has to determine what quality of life means for him or her, and then communicate that to his or her Physical Therapist. It then becomes the responsibility of the Physical Therapist to use a combination of hands on treatment, education, and exercise to guide you along your path back to happy and healthy living. While the Physical Therapist can show you the way, ultimately you determine if and when you will reach those goals!

Let Maximum Performance Physical Therapy be your guide!

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