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Mid Back

The “midback” or thoracic spine consists of twelve vertebrae and composes the posterior aspect of the thoracic cavity. Each of these vertebrae attach to a left and right rib that surround the organs and form the thoracic cage. Because of its attachment to the ribs, the thoracic spine is much less mobile than the cervical or lumbar spine. Pain can be disc, muscle, bone (rib or vertebra), or even organ related so it is important to let your primary care physician know about your pain.

Because of its central location, thoracic spine pain may also be related to problems in the pelvis, lumbar spine, or cervical spine. A thorough physical therapy evaluation will determine if these other areas are involved and get you the treatment needed.

Treatment of the midback will be individually based and will include:

  • A pain relief program and patient education on the back (including its anatomy, risk factors for pain, and ways to manage pain in the short term at home)
  • Development of a home treatment program to speed recovery
  • A postural assessment and postural education
  • Manual therapy (massage and hands-on stretching) to normalize range of motion and muscle tone
  • Exercise to improve movement and strength

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