Our Therapists have extensive experience helping patients recover from conditions including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Back and Neck Therapy
  • Arthritis
  • Age-Related Conditions 
  • ​Pre & post joint replacement programs
  • ​Balance and Fall Risk Assessments and Treatment
  • Ligament Sprains and Muscle Strains
  • Auto accidents
  • Workers Compensation Rehab
  • Sports Therapy
  • Muscular Injuries 
  • Jaw Pain (TMJ) 

We employ a variety of treatment methods, selecting (but not limited to) those that best meet your needs. 

  • Manual Therapy (hands on massage, soft tissue mobilization,       manipilation, etc.)
  • Theraputic Exercise
  • Neuromusular Re-education
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Dryneedling (Available in our Laurel location)
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